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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pearls and Grace

Pearls and Grace

Pearls and Grace`Part II

I am trying to provide a link back to the original post to share with all of you!

Pearls and Grace

A few months ago I learned about The Pearl Event.

To be able to meet Sibi, who is truly beautiful on the inside and out!
And that Paige Knudsen was going to be there too!
Live! In person!
I was so excited I was literally giddy like a school girl.

So many bloggers inspire me for so many reasons that I couldn''t possibly fit into one blog post.

One of these bloggers has touched my heart in so many ways.
Paige from Simple Thoughts.
I see a lot of myself in her.
The only difference is that she is not afraid.
Not afraid to blog about. speak about it. pray about it. do something about it.

After staying home for two years with my two girls, I returned to teaching this year in a Christian school.
Yet I know God has other plans for me.
I have been praying over this for quite some time.

I think going to the Pearl Event would be LIFE CHANGING for me.
I truly do.
Yet, financially I just can't do it.
I have left messages on Sibi's Facebook page to please take good notes.
I have done the same with Paige.

I hope if you are going you will share what you learn from each of these amazing ladies!

Friday, February 3, 2012

only a breath

image from only a breath

the number of awesome ladies I have met through blogging amazes me.
one such lady is Melanie from only a breath.
Melanie also offers blog design at

Melanie, like me,is a full-time working mom
and a Christian mom.

and when she writes, it is inspiring and straight from the heart.
words of encouragement.

I want to leave you with a quote from one of Melanie's recent posts:

"...I encourage you never to be discouraged and to always work to be the hands and feet of Christ. He has pointed your heart in a certain direction for a specific reason. I pray that you will be obedient. If you are like me, and wondering where that might be, I am praying for you as well. We never know where God may direct us, but it is all in His timing."