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Hi! Thank you for stopping by to visit! My name is Kerri and I started blogging in 2009 when my second daughter was born. Since then I have returned to teaching full time in the classroom but I still have a passion for blogging.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I was BOO'd at school! And fortunately my fellow teacher was not scaring or insulting me! She (even though it is a secret we have an all female faculty so it is safe to assume it is a she)left a wonderful Halloween bag filled with lots of treats for my students and my own little girls!

Have you heard of this tradition? I had never heard of this until my parents moved into their Retirement Community four years ago.

It is Secret Santa but for Halloween. You BOO someone in secret, leaving them a bag of treats. Once you have been BOO'd, you hang a BOO sign on your door and BOO someone else!


  1. Hi Kerri,

    Just stopping by to say hi and let you know I miss you. Hope your teaching job is going well. Yes...I have been "boo'd" before....very fun!!

    I remember when my daughter was in second grade and her class started the Halloween season off with this tradition and it was so much fun for the kids.

    Much love and joy!