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Sunday, September 30, 2012

alex and ani and 5 Words to Live By

apparently blogger has made some changes in the past few weeks and I am unable to post a picture of myself that I wanted to.

first of all, I just want to say "Bienvenidos a mis nuevos amigos"

September has been a big month for my personal life and my faith.

I became a Eucharistic Minister on Wednesday and spent Friday at a retreat to further my ministry as a missionary. I am BLESSED to be able to share my faith each day with my students and continue my journey as a missionary and as an educator.

one thing I left with on Friday afternoon was this. what 5 words do you live by that define you? this is what came to mind for me: Love God and love One another.

for me, LOVE truly defines how I should act each day.  from this, everything else happens.

I have posted a few pics of a few alex and ani bracelets. I have the Mother Mary medal and I have JOY. love these and what they represent. they are a physical reminder to me.

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