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Friday, January 28, 2011

Blogging Inspiration

I have been so inpsired this week in blogland, that I just have to share.

So many bloggers have inspired me to really make an effort to read more.

After the girls go to bed, I snuggle under my warm fleece(yes, fleece)sheets and curl up with a book.

Of course, I have Edie from Life in Grace to thank for her sharing her love of reading with us. (Edie, I am waiting for Mere Christianity to arrive in the mail any day now!)

And, the wonderful Lissa from Humble Pie who raved about Paula Deen's autobiography, which I ordered right away and it arrived yesterday! (I bought it USED on for $1.00, but it was never read!)

And today I went with my dad to the Dollar Store and found Paula White's Book You're All That! for a dollar!

Of course, i have also been inspired by so many beautiful homes like Humble Pie (sigh!) and Dreamy Whites (sigh again!) that I went out and bought Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Hand Soap. I don't know what it is, but there is something inspiring and wanting things clean when you have such a great scent!

Happy Weekend!


  1. I loved Paula Deen's book too. I am reading- one thousand gifts- and loving it. I am trying to read more, I am making a big effort to give up bad TV. It really hasn't been too hard.
    I love to clean. I use Norwex products.. check out I had a party and got lots free. Love their stuff, and knowing I am cleaning my house safely and well.

  2. I love Paula Deen and all of Mrs. Meyer's products!!I don't know Paula white....but will now be inspired to find this book. Maybe I will check our Dollar store:)

  3. I want to buy the meyers lavender laundry detergent today because of maria! So Paula really keeps it real in her book... just warning you. I like it though. I LOVE reading. I wish I had more time for it!

  4. Two of my favorite ladies, great reads.Enjoy~Kim