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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Re-new Year!

When I googled an image for RENEW, I found this picture from a church website and thought it was appropriate.

I have decided that my word for this year will be RENEW.

I will renew my relationship with GOD.
I will continue reading Beth Moore's So Long Insecurity along with Calm My Anxious Heart.
I am the type of person who loves lists, loves writing things down on a calender.
So I will begin writing down excerpts from the Bible for me to remember.

I will renew my relationship with my HEALTH.
I have started eating clean (again!).
I will use my brand new treadmill that my hubby bought me for Christmas.
I need to do this for my family as much as for myself.

I will renew my relationship with my HUBBY.
Sometimes things get so busy day to day, we don't take the time to have a meaningful conversation.

I will renew my relationship with my HOME.
I am so grateful to God that He has provided us with a home.
I want to make sure I really spend the time cleaning and doing necessary projects and improvements.

And I am thankful to GOD that I do not need to renew my relationship with my GIRLS.
They have always been my number one priority and they will continue to be!

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