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Monday, September 5, 2011

A Retreat

Photo by Ron Nebrugge

Last week I went back to teaching after being home for two years with my girls.

It is a bittersweet time for me, but I know God has chosen me to continue my ministry for Him.

Our first day was filled with administrative tasks for the faculty.

And our second day of school was a faculty retreat, which I fully embraced.

The retreat opened with Christ be our Light, which happens to be the theme for this school year.

And the retreat closed with City of God, which happens to be a favorite of mine!

It is amazing how we can feel so moved but words!

I will leave you with a small part of the song and it's uplifitng words:

Awake from your slumber! Awake from your sleep!
A new day is dawning for all those who weep
The people in darkness have seen a great light
The Lord of our longing has conquered the night.

Let us build the City of God
May our tears be turned into dancing.
For the Lord our light and our love has turned the night into day.

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