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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Etsy Treasury

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As a fellow Etsy shop owner, I really try to support fellow Etsians and buy from Etsy whenever my pocketbook allows. There are so many creative and talented people as so many of you know.

And while I love home decor, all things vintage and jewelry to name a few of my favorite things, I really am interestd in American made and hand-made items for children. Which is why I decided to make a handmade Memory board game to sell in my shop.

Much to my surprise, another Etsy shop owner was thinking along the same line and put together a treasury on Etsy featuring children's gift ideas for under $50 and included my game!

I think she she did a great job and I have included photos of some of the items she included in her treasury. Loop Sheep has a cute Etsy shop featuring crocheted stuffed animals for children.


  1. Of course i thought the same - your board is beautiful! you shouldnt be suprised :) many thanks to you, and have a fun 2012!

    Lidar from Loopysheep

  2. are so creative....what a cute game you made.

    I like Etsy, too!!

    I need to support it more...and will do that this year!