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Thursday, December 2, 2010

DIY Jingle Bell Napkin Ring Holders

We are having Christmas Eve at our house this year, so of course the wheels have already been turning as to how to set the table.

I was at the Goodwill on half off Wednesday and found really cute Christmas plates and matching dessert plates. I got the complete set for $7. I also found Christmas napkins which I will be using.

And I came across these really cute jingle bell napkin ring holders which I have been making one at a time when the girls go to bed. I bought elastic cord and jingle bells at Michaels. I have been stringing 12 bells on each cord and they seem to be the perfect size.

The photo I used is from Pottery Barn and they no longer sell them. Not that I would be willing to open my wallet and pay the price they were asking anyway when they are so easy to make!

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