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Friday, March 11, 2011

An Ethics Question and My Rambling

I have heard of Extreme Couponing and have even seen a few on t.v showing us how to save thousands of dollars.

However, last night, I really began to wonder about it after watching TLC's Extreme Couponing.

One lady brought her bill down from $1175.00 to $51.00 after spending SIX hours in the grocery store.

While that is a HUGE savings and I congratulate her on her efforts, ethically I don't agree. She bought over 200 hundred boxes of pasta, over 200 boxes of pre-packaged Asian dishes, and over 100 candy bars.

I am totally for her getting her food for FREE. What I don't agree with is hoarding the other 199 boxes. How many boxes can she eat before the expiration date?

Personally, I just couldn't do that knowing so many people out there are struggling too. I am not against stockpiling. If it saves your family money and you can afford to stock up until the item goes on sale again, I think it is great. Just not enough to feed a small army and not do it!

On a lighter note, I WAS inspired by these dedicated people and I spent an hour on the internet last night printing coupons! The photo above is a picture of what I bought today and I only spent $25!

I am going to Whole Foods tomorrow with coupons! Yes, you can save money AND eat healthy!

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