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Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Tablescape Inspiration

Photos courtesy of A Jubilee Event, Martha Stewart and Tory Birch.

I have to be honest.

My dining room table is completely empty and lacking inspiration.

Well, almost empty.

Other than the crayons, markers, coloring books and my girls' original artwork.

So I have been searching for some inspiration.

It is especially hard because here in the New England we are still having below average temps and it feels like winter!

I hope everyone has a great week!


  1. It is still pretty cold here too. My gardens are begging for attention but I can't do it yet! I have spring out on the inside now if the temp would just make it happen on the outside!

  2. Oh I like the tablescapes....especially the first one. Wouldn't it be fun to gather with friends there??
    Thanks for your sweet comment, by the way.
    Hope your week is going well.
    Are you still working on your own creative space? I am trying...but it keeps getting lower on my to do list. :) Hopefully soon we will both share about it on our blogs. :)

  3. you should see my dining room table it's covered with my stuff! i'm trying to sell it again, hopefully someone will come and buy it so i can have a proper work table! have a lovely week! susan