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Sunday, January 11, 2015

House Tour

Here are a few pictures of our (somewhat) organized home.  I am glad that I took these pictures yesterday when we had great winter sunlight.
 When we purchased our home nine years ago, we had an outdated kitchen from the 1960's. My husband renovated the entire kitchen himself while I was pregnant with our first daughter. I love the granite counter tops. The granite we chose actually cost LESS than it would have been to purchase laminate. It was a close out on this one particular color granite.
 The nightstand was free, my friend was throwing it out! The lamp was a dollar at a thrift store. It was an ugly gold that I spray painted. And the comforter was a recent purchase from the Goodwill. I needed a little yellow to cheer things up a bit. My husband is not a floral kind of guy, so I am surprised he does not mind my shabby chic addition!
 Our bedroom set was mine before my husband and I got married. We had not planned on keeping it this long, but not having to make a major purchase like a bedroom set is nice.
 My mother-in-law was going to throw this desk out, so I took it, painted purple and added the flower knobs to it. The chair was a chippy blue purchased from my favorite local antique store and I sanded it and painted it to match.
 This is the family room which we try to keep neutral. The coffee table is well loved by my daughters' art work that seems to make it onto the table more than their papers.
 My oldest daughter loves purple and loves butterflies, so I cut out a butterfly from some vintage sheet music that I had and painted the vintage frame purple.
I found this cute little pink end table at a thrift shop and did not have to do anything to it.
My oldest daughter still has her crib that is now her full size bed. I would have preferred white, but we chose this set before we knew we were having a girl.

Thanks for taking a tour of my home! I will be adding pictures of my youngest daughter's room this week!

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