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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Black coco betty boutique

I am excited to share with you a fellow vintage shop on Etsy! Meet iconicbetty, owner of Black coco betty boutique. I had a chance to chat with her about her shop and this is what she had to say:

I officially joined Etsy in September of 2009. BUT I didn't post my first item until December of 2009, approximately a month after giving birth to my second child (when I finally had time to post). I started selling on Etsy because I thought it was one of the most organized and interesting outlets for art that I had ever seen. It had ways to improve your technique. And with virtually little overhead cost to sell, it was very easy to get into the Etsy world.

Before Etsy, I was an Active Duty Soldier in the United States Army. As of October 2009, I became a National Guard Soldier. I never could completely give up the military because I grew to serving my country and others. I am also now a houswife and mother to two great kids (under age 5). I have been creating things since I can remember. After hearing people tell me for so long, "that's so cute, you could sell it", I decided that is just what I would do.

To stay motivated when Etsy sales are slow, I remind myself that every successful person had to start somewhere. It is not uncommon for new Etsy sellers to make 50 sales in the first week. So when things are slow, I promote and write about other Etsy sellers. It keeps me extremely motivated when I see other people achieving. I also look at these other great shops and try to model mine off of what they are doing because they are obviously doing something right. In addition, I try to maintain my own individuality, because that is also an element of my creativity.

Right now, this is a full time thing. I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom at the moment. I do this every chance I get with baby in tow. I find the time and it drives my husband crazy because every time he sees me I am either on the computer talking to or about Etsy Or behind the sewing machine showing him my maimed creations

I am a slave to fabrics. My favorite shop on Etsy is downshadowlane. I collect fabric scraps and their collection is stellar and large. I LOVE IT.

My favorite website is They haven't neccessarily reinvented the wheel, but I have bought scrap bundles from them. But they have defintely put their spin on chic baby products. Like I read on an Etsy blog, it is not always about reinventing the is about setting yourself apart.

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