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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Change is coming!

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I really had a lot of things swimming in my head today. I really need some positive changes and I know it will only come if I seek God. And do you know what? HE already answered!

First, I went to the lovely Lissa's blog Humble Pie and her post today was exactly what I needed. Yes Lissa, God is AMAZING! And please check out her blog to see her inspiring new artwork she picked up this weekend.

Next I went over to my friend Tara's blog, blondiensc. She also has a wonderful way with words and her post is very powerful today.

Finally, my childhood friend Lisa has a quote today which I want to share with all of you:

"When life gives you LIMES, adjust the letters and share a SMILE."

Change really is coming!

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  1. Well, your post reminded me that I hadn't read Blondie yet I hopped over there and read her post and it reminded me SO much of the one I just put up that it was almost eerie! It looks like many of us are working through some things today. So nice to be able to do it together. :)