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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Spring Fling With The Napkin Ring

Apparently I am having a thing lately for napkin rings because I just bought two sets from Etsy in the last two days.

The first is a cute little set of four mini garden spades I bought from shopjude. I think these are going to be really cute for the spring and summer months. And I do have gardening on my mind!

The second set I have had my eyes on from the lovely Tara over at TarasVintageKitchen. As I was reading her blog today, Blondie'nsc, I noticed at the end of her post that she was offering 15% off in her shop right now and I panicked. You know the feeling. Like someone was thinking the EXACT same thing about these cute little white bird napkin rings. I just know I will get alot of use out of them. They have a spring/summer feel to them, yet they are going to be perfect on my table for Thanksgiving too!


  1. yipee!! I am so glad that you got these!! they will be flying over to you very soon!! xo, Tara

  2. Love your blog...these napkin rings are a hoot! And church thrift shops are often the best places to unearth random treasures.


  3. Great napkin rings can really make the tablesetting, can't they?! I love Tara and her fabulous shop!!!

    For the vanilla sugar for your coffee, here's what you do...fill an air tight container (canning jar) with plain sugar, next take a whole vanilla bean and "bash" it up a little with the back of a spoon to help release the flavor...add it to the will need to shake the jar ever yday for about 2 weeks because the moisture being released from the vanilla bean will make the sugar clump a bit...but after about 2 weeks your sugar is ready to use!!

    :) T

  4. those are both adorable! i'm off to check out those shops! have a great day! susan